Time: 22-25 July 2013
Location: Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Heidelberg, Germany

The meeting focussed on the formation of solid bodies from the processing of small cosmic dust grains in the interstellar medium and circumstellar disks. The aim of the conference was to stimulate communication between the fields of laboratory experiments, computer simulations, observational work, as well as modeling approaches connecting these fields.

DG13 was organized by Jürgen Steinacker, Jürgen Blum, and Gwendolyn Meeus.
The session covered (review speaker in brackets):

Interstellar Medium
(A. Abergel/J.-P. Bernard/M. Juvela)

Circumstellar Disks - Observation
(A. Sicilia-Aguilar/F. Menard)

Laboratory Experiments
(C. Güttler/J. Blum)

Circumstellar Disks - Theory
(C. Dominik/M. Wyatt)

Conference poster pdf
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