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(or How do I get there? and Where will I stay?)

NOTE: The most up-to-date travel information will appear on the Castle website:

Getting There by Air, Rail, and Car


The workshop will take place at Ringberg Castle, located on a small mountain above the Tegernsee (Tegern Lake) in southern Bavaria. Almost all participants will travel via Munich. The map at left shows Ringberg in relation to important travel landmarks such as the airport, central train station, and major highways.

The image below shows an aerial view of the region. This is what you would see looking south from a helicopter flying high above the word "Mangfall" in the adjacent map. Workshop participants will stay either in the castle or at hotels in Rottach-Egern.


Arriving by Air

Munich has a large international airport with daily flights from many European and North American gateway cities. Those flying to the workshop should book their flights to Munich's Franz-Josef Strauss Airport (code MUC) well in advance, since late July is high season for European tourism. There are at least two ways to get to Ringberg from the airport, by automobile and by train.

Renting a Car

Renting a car is a very sensible option, particularly if groups of participants are traveling together. All major international rental-car companies service Munich airport. American attendees will save money by booking their rental car from the USA. Follow the "Arriving by Car" instructions below to get to Ringberg. Please drive carefully and consider an alternate means of transport if you have just arrived after a long, overnight flight.

Getting to Munich Central Station by Train

Munich airport is tied into the surface (S-Bahn) train network, and getting to the central train station ("Hauptbahnhof") is fairly easy. Just follow the white and green S-Bahn signs (see left). Between 6:55 and 22:15 trains for downtown Munich leave at 20 minute intervals. Less frequent trains run between 12:55 AM and 3:55 AM. There are ticket vending machines just before the escalators that take you down to the S-Bahn platform. Press the number 8 button and feed the machine the amount it displays (~10 Euros). The machines will accept coins and 10 or 20 Euro bills. Next, you should stamp your ticket at one of the blue endorsing machines (marked with an "E" on a yellow square) that are located near the escalators down to the platform. You can take any train starting there. After about 40 minutes get off at the Hauptbahnhof.

Follow the red and white Deutsche Bahn signs up two levels to the main train station. To continue on to Ringberg, follow the instructions in "Arriving by Train" below.

An aerial view of Munich airport shows the location of both the car rental center and the S-Bahn station. Complete information about accessing public transit from the airport appears here.


Arriving by Train


These instructions assume that you are in Munich's central railway station, the "Hauptbahnhof." See the section "Arriving by Air" for instructions on getting to the train station from the airport.

You must first purchase a ticket to Tegernsee. There are ticket offices on the intermediate and main levels; look for signs saying "Fahrkarten." Purchase a ticket for "Tegernsee" (~10 Euros?). Ask the ticket agent for departure times or a printed schedule. You can also find a schedule here.

The Tegernsee trains do not leave from the main building, but rather from one of the well hidden platforms (numbers 27 to 36) in the north-west wing (see map at left)

When you have finally located located the train (see the signs) you have still to find out the right car to sit in: only one of them will go to Tegernsee. Have a look at the labels on the cars or ask the friendly conductor.

When you arrive in Tegernsee, take a taxi for the last few kilometers to Ringberg Castle or your hotel.


Arriving by Car

The large scale map at left shows the highway network surrounding Munich, including connections to other major cities and the airport.

From Munich, follow the Salzburg Autobahn (number 8) past the Brunnthal interchange to the Holzkirchen exit and highway 318.

Drive south on 318 until you reach Gmund am Tegernsee. In Gmund, follow the signs to Bad Wiessee. Continue on 318 through Bad Wiessee and past the turnoff for Weißach, until you come to a traffic light. Turn right on highway 307 toward Achensee. After approximately 1 km you will see a sign indicating the turn-off to Schloss Ringberg. We wil try to hang a conference poster at the turn-off. Careful, it is easy to miss!

To reach hotels in Rottach-Egern, turn left on 307 to reach the village.


You can find an aerial view of the Castle surroundings here (108 kB). The driving routes to Ringberg and the Hotel Franzen are marked with light blue dashed lines. A wider view of the village of Rottach-Egern can be found here (806 kB).


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Ringberg has lecture and dining facilities for all workshop participants, but there are only 33 sleeping rooms in the castle. Seven of these rooms are suitable as double rooms, giving a total occupancy of 40. Any overflow will be accommodated in hotels in Rottach-Egern. Please inform the Local Organizing Committee as soon as possible of your choice of accommodation, but like the airlines, we apologize in advance if your selection is not available.

Note that our current reservations do not account for participants planning to bring a spouse, significant other, etc. Let us know immediately if you are not travelling alone, since hotel reservations fill rapidly during the summer. Attendees travelling with non-participating companions should consider staying down in the village, since there are no other activities available at the Castle.

Accommodation at Schloss Ringberg

The local organizing committee will assign rooms to those staying at the castle. Please let us know if you are willing to share a room. The only other difficult aspect is deciding who gets to sleep in the Count's Bedchamber.

Accommodation in surrounding villages

The Ringberg website maintains a list of suitable hotels near the Castle. We are making a block reservation for the overflow from the Castle. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have a specific request, or if you are making your own plans.

Participants who don't require accomodation

A number of participants either live in the area or plan to make their own accomodation plans. Please let us know if you do not require us to make plans for you.


Local Transport

It is possible, but strenuous, to walk from the local village to the Castle. Please let us know if you plan to rent a car, so that we can organize and simplify local transport.


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