MPIA summer conference 2012
Heidelberg, MPIA, July 16 - 19, 2012

This meeting will summarize our current understanding of planetary atmospheres from giant planets to rocky planets. The discussion will include the following general topics.

Extrasolar Giant & Rocky Planets: Atmosphere and Dynamics

Recent Observation (Ground & Space) of Extrasolar Planets & Retrieval Methods

Invited speakers
W. Brandner, MPIA, D       H. Lammer, ÖAW, AT
A. Burrows, Princeton, USA       Ch. Mordasini, MPIA, D
G. Chabrier, ENS LYON, F/Univ. of Exeter, UK       D. Sasselov, Harvard, USA
D. Deming, Univ. Maryland, USA       S. Seager, MIT, USA
J. M. Desert, CfA, USA       F. Selsis, Observatoire Bordeaux, F
T. Greene, NASA Ames, USA       T. Spohn, DLR, D
A. Hatzes, Tautenburg, D        

I. Baraffe (Univ. of Exeter, UK), A. Burrows (Princeton Univ., USA), G. Chabrier (ENS Lyon, France),
T. Greene (NASA Ames, USA), Th. Henning (MPIA, Germany, co-Chair), L. Kaltenegger (MPIA / CfA, Germany, co-Chair), J. Kasting (Penn State Univ., USA), M. Meyer (ETH, Switzerland), D. Sasselov (Harvard Univ., USA), S. Seager (MIT, USA)

Y. Betremieux, C. Bergfors, B. Biller, M. Bonnefoy, Th. Henning, L. Kaltenegger (chair), O. Krause,
Y. Miguel, M. Nielbock, R. van Boekel, MPIA, Germany

conference venue: House of Astronomy at MPIA
information: MPIA and Heidelberg

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