Luhman 16B: the
		        first global map of a brown dwarf.
Map of Luhman 16B: the first global map of a brown dwarf. Bright regions are gaps in the clouds, where infrared light from the hotter, deeper atmosphere can escape to space.
(I. Crossfield, MPIA)

Recent Results:

2014 Jan: In our recent paper we present the first global, 2D map of the patchy clouds in the atmosphere of a brown dwarf, our neighbor Luhman 16B. We see large-scale brightness variations that we interpret as being regions of thicker (dark) and thinner (bright) clouds. Click here to read more about this exciting discovery, or read a summary of the work here on Astrobites.

About Me:

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the MPIA in Heidelberg, Germany. My interests lie in exoplanet formation, detection, and characterization, and the development of instrumentation to further those pursuits. I am currently studying extrasolar planets using both photometry and high-resolution spectroscopy. I have worked for three years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and I received my doctorate from UCLA. I also maintain an online repository of useful Python computing tools.

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Ian J. M. Crossfield
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