Arjen van der Wel
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy


GALFIT structural parameter measurements in CANDELS fields

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A Strong Galaxy Lens at z=1.53

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Königstuhl 17, D-69117
Heidelberg, Germany

E-mail: vdwel `at'
Tel: +49-6221-528-461


As a fellow at MPIA in Heidelberg and with my graduate students Yu-Yen Chang and Michael Maseda I study the formation history of galaxies by tracing the population through cosmic time. The Hubble Space Telescope surveys listed here on the right combined with spectroscopic follow-up with ground-based facilities such as the Large Binocular Telescope and the Very Large Telescope provide the backbone of my projects.

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HST surveys


The primary data product of this survey, led by Sandy Faber and Harry Ferguson, consists of HST/WFC3 imaging over 900 square arcminutes, divided over 5 different fields. The color mosaic shown above is the UDS.



Low-resolution grism spectroscopy for the same 5 fields to provide redshifts and emission line diagnostics.



Multi-band imaging of 25 galaxy clusters to constrain their dark matter distributions, and find supernovae and lensed background galaxies at high redshift.


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