Long-slit spectroscopy of 900 nearby galaxies

HET massive galaxy survey


I am currently leading the HET Galaxy Survey with the Low Resolution Spectrograph on the 9.2m Hobby-Eberly Telescope at the McDonald Observatory in West-Texas to find all possible galaxies suitable for black hole mass estimates in the Northern Hemisphere. Using more than 400 hours (50+ nights) we have obtained long-slit spectra of more than 900 spirals and ellipticals galaxies to create a census of the Northern galaxies in the local volume (<150 Mpc, z<0.03). The target selection if primarily based on 2MASS photometry and redshift distances. The survey has been extended into 2013, at which point we will have observed more than 1000 galaxies.

With this survey it is now possible to determine the demographics of the black hole population in the galaxies in the local volume

The figure shows the distribution of observed galaxies in a equatorial projection. The data is not publicly available just yet. But the data is all reduced and is available upon request.



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